Codification in Aid of Export Sales

What's Involved?

Experts in NATO Codification

We offer NATO Codification services to UK companies as an aid to marketing and sales of their products: - i.e. some foreign governments require NATO Stock Numbers (NSN's) allocated to products before they will purchase them, or add them to their inventories.

To qualify for our Codification services, companies must confirm to UK NCB that they hold the design rights to the items being submitted for codification, and agree to their company contact details/product data being visible on CSIS and all other codification products which contain CSIS data. You must also supply suitable source data (i.e. a technical drawing, specification, data sheet etc) applicable to each item being submitted for codification, at no cost to UK NCB.

The Codification Service is only for UK companies to aid their export sales. UK companies must either be the manufacturer of the product or hold the design rights. UKNCB will not codify items commercially for any other country outwith the United Kingdom.

Codifying your products offers the following benefits:

- Visibility of your products and company contact details on the UK MOD catalogue CSIS (Codification Support Information System). CSIS has over 7000 users and contains over 6 million NSNs and 11 million manufacturer and vendor part numbers.

- Visibility of your products and company contact details on the NATO Catalogue. NMCRL (NATO Master Catalogue of References for Logistics), subject to user interest being added to your item. NMCRL has 26 million user registrations and contains 17 million NSNs and 34 million manufacturer and vendor part numbers.

- Connecting with buyers and manufacturers. Because only equipment with an NSN can enter the UK defence supply chain, codification enables MOD buyers to source the right kit quicker and easier from manufacturers and suppliers featured in the catalogue.


There is a charge per item for codification when the request originates from a commercial organisation. The cost is £65.00 + VAT per item up to 250 items for routine codification and £100.00 + VAT for urgent codification. Companies wishing to codify items over 250 items are eligible for discounted pricing and should contact us for a quotation on 0141 224 2231 or email with your requirements and we'll get back to you.  

Companies wishing to codify items must agree to our Terms and Conditions.


Companies must submit items for codification to UKNCB using our eTasking system. If you do not have an eTasking account, please complete and submit our Industry Application Form for an account to be setup for you. If you have any queries regarding this or require our form in an alternative format, please contact Tel No 0141 224 2231.



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