NATO Codification of MOD Owned Equipment

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What's Involved?

It is UK MOD Policy that all inventory on the MOD balance sheet must be codified using a NATO Stock Number (NSN). This will enable the MOD to maintain accountability and traceability of our assets. In line with this policy, we offer FREE codification for MOD Owned Equipment.

To get an item codified, you must supply suitable source data (i.e. a technical drawing, specification, data sheet, etc) applicable to each item being submitted for codification. To assist MOD Delivery Teams, DEFCON 117 exists as an appendix to your contracts and subcontracts. This DEFCON mandates that the supplier shall provide all required source data for codification purposes. It also protects the manufacturers or supplier’s intellectual property rights as this source data is to be used for NATO Codification purposes only.

Do I Qualify for Free Codification?

To be eligible for free codification, you must work for UK MOD or work on behalf of UK MOD under a contractual arrangement. We will ask for proof of your contract on submission of your Codification Request.

How Do I Submit a Request?

To apply for codification, you must raise an E-Task on our E-Tasking system on CSIS (Codification Support Information System). If you require an account to enable you to do this, please contact our Service Desk or alternatively call on 01173 170 699.


Once you have an e-tasking account you can then apply for your item(s) to be codified by submitting an E-Task on the system. In addition, our E-Tasking system can also be used for Post Codification actions like amending an existing record on CSIS or adding UK User Interest to a foreign NSN.

If you are not familiar with the e-tasking application, you will find the eLearning Modules below useful. Each module has different versions available dependant on the Inventory System you require, CRISP, SS3 or BIWMS.

Key Benefits of NATO Codification

Codification offers the following benefits:

  • Inventory Reduction – reducing the amount of inventory held and therefore a reduction in associated warehouse costs and storage requirements in theatre.
  • Lower Purchase Price – opportunities to purchase items through bulk purchasing.
  • Shorter Resupply Times – knowing where stock is held through accurate identification can result in stock being supplied quicker to the end user.
  • Interoperability – the ability for different nations to share inventory and supply chains.

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