NATO Codification Overview

NATO Codification: This guide will give you an introduction to the NATO Codification process, an understanding of the NATO Stock Number and details of the services provided by the UK National Codification Bureau. Contact details and a Glossary are contained within this guide.

Supply Management Data

CSIS Application: This guide describes the Supply Management data held and how that is used by Inventory Systems. You will be shown how to search for an item and see the SMD detail held.


CSIS Application: Codification tasks must be requested via the CSIS eTasking application. By the end of this guide you will be able to check your Account details, create a Codification request and submit it for processing.

Characteristic Search

CSIS Application: A search can be made for an item even when the Name or NIIN are not known. This guide will show how to use limited available data, such as length and material, to determine the correct item.

Batch Reference Screening

CSIS Application: Before Codification of an item is carried out, a check should be made to determine if the item already has a NATO Stock Number. This guide will show you how to do this on CSIS, often referred to as Screening Out.

Item Name Search

CSIS Application: This guide describes Approved Item Names and how Item Name Codes and Colloquial Names (informal names) can be used to search for an item.

Item of Supply

CSIS Application: This guide describes the parts of the NATO Stock Number, how to carry out a NIIN search and outlines the detail that is held against an NSN such as References, Characteristics and NATO Commercial and Government Entity (NCAGE) Codes.

NCAGE Search

CSIS Application: This guide will show you how to search for the details of a NATO Commercial and Government Entity (NCAGE) Code even when the code is not known. You will also be shown how to check if your NCAGE exists, and if not, how to create one.

Commercial Codification

Commercial Services: This guide gives a brief introduction to Commercial Codification before taking you through the process of requesting Commercial Codification using the CSIS E-Tasking system, including how to pay for your purchase.