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CSIS Outage 24/05/19 - 28/05/19

CSIS users should note that the CSIS system will be unavailable from 1600hrs Friday 24th May 19 until 0900hrs Tuesday 28th May 19. This outage is due to mandatory electrical testing work being carried out over the weekend. We apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Price Increase

In response to rising overhead costs, UKNCB are increasing the price of routine codification to £65.00 + VAT from 8th October 2018. Urgent codification pricing will remain the same. UKNCB value our relationship with our customers and look forward to serving your needs in the future. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on

Go Premium - Save Time!

We are currently developing a Premium Service, a bespoke codification service that helps take the legwork out of codification for our commercial customers. More information will follow soon.

Defence Vehicle Dynamics (DVD) 2018

UKNCB will be exhibiting at the Defence Vehicle Dynamics (DVD) in Millbrook on 19th and 20th September 2018. Please come along and visit the UKNCB stand "The sole authority for NATO Codification in the UK" to find out more about codification and chat through your codification needs with our experts. Find out more about the event at

Terms and Conditions

1. Scope of the Service

a. The scope of the Service is restricted to the NATO Codification of a maximum of 250 items submitted by the Customer. These terms and conditions apply to items under 250 items. Customers requiring more than 250 items should contact UKNCB Commercial Sales Manager on 0141 224 2231 or

b. Codification of an item does not provide the Customer access to the CSIS database. If the Customer requires access to CSIS database, a subscription licence can be purchased separately however the customer is required to have a MOD sponsor. If you would like to know more information about CSIS subscriptions, please contact 0141 224 2205 or

c. The Codification Service is only available for UK companies or UK Manufacturers that hold the design rights for items in aid of export sales. If you believe the conditions stated above do not fully reflect your requirements, please contact UKNCB for advice and guidance.

2. Codification Process

a. The Customer should contact UKNCB Codification Sales Manager, with any queries or interest in Commercial Codification.

b. The Customer is mandated to submit their requests through the CSIS e-Tasking to Industry facility, if the Customer has an e-Tasking account.

c. If the Customer does not have an E-Tasking account, UKNCB with provide the Customer with an Industry E-tasking application form. The Customer should submit this to the UKNCB Tasking Team in Room 2.3.00 of Kentigern House, 65 Brown Street, Glasgow, G2 8EX, or by email to: for an E-Tasking account.

d. For each line item submitted for Codification, the information required by UKNCB in order to raise the Codification task, is as follows:
i. The true manufacturer�s details or their NCAGE
ii. The true manufacturer�s part number/reference
iii. The item name
iv. Inventory/Domestic Management Code (IMC/DMC) (if applicable).
v. Source data suitable for Codification (refer to paragraph 3 below).
vi. An excel spread sheet is recommended for batch items.

3. Source Data

a. Source data must be provided by the Customer, for each line item submitted for Codification. The UKNCB or its Codification Contractor(s) will utilise the source data to create each record on the CSIS database. Source data must be supplied as a minimum in accordance with the latest edition of Defence Condition 117 (Defcon 117).

b. Source data must be from a UK manufacturer or the UK Company that hold the design rights.

c. The source data package should be uploaded using e-Tasking tool while submitting request.

4. Timescales

a. The UKNCB shall generate a task(s) on CSIS, and allocate the task to an approved Codification Contractor usually within two working days from receipt of the Codification request from the Customer.

b. The UKNCB will endeavour to codify items within 20 working days. The 20 working days timescale shall apply only where appropriate source data is supplied in accordance with the proposal, and no queries are generated against the submission.

c. The UKNCB will endeavour to codify urgent items within 5 working days; however urgent project work for the Ministry of Defence will take precedence over commercial requests.

5. Prices

a. The Prices for each line entry item submitted for codification are shown below. Companies wishing to codify over 250 items are eligible for discounted pricing and should contact UKNCB direct for a quotation.

b. In defining the total quantity of Items submitted for codification, the figure shall include Customer-supplied NSN�s.

c. The price shall be as stated in the table below at the time of order.

d. All prices are exclusive of VAT and other duties and taxes unless otherwise stated. Any VAT or other applicable duties or taxes are payable and shall be charged in addition.

e. UKNCB reserves the right to revise the pricing of the codification service. UKNCB will endeavour to provide 30 days� notice of any changes before they are due to come into effect.

Commercial Codification Price Table
  Category Item Price Excl VAT Quantity Range (items)
1 Routine Commercial Codification (includes new Codification, screen-out, screen-out update, and SMD Form action) £60 1 to 250
2 Urgent Codification Request £100 1 to 20


6. Payment

a. The Customer shall pay for services via our payment gateway on the website. Instructions for this can be found on the website.

b. If the customer can�t pay for services via our payment gateway then the Customer must contact UKNCB directly to discuss alternative payment options. Alternative payment options will only be considered in exceptional circumstances.

c. Codification will not take place unless payment has been made upfront, or a Purchase Order has been submitted at time of requesting codification.

d. The Customer must upload a receipt of their purchase with their source data in E-tasking.

7. Refunds

Refund requests made after submitting the e-tasking request are handled on a case by case basis and are issued at UKNCB�s discretion. Such requests must be received within 24 hours of submission.


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